Hi there πŸ‘‹, my name is Lucas aka kon.foo. How did you end up here? Well if you really want to know: Here are some facts about me:

Who am I?

I am a creator of tools and toys in the digital and analogue realm. Currently, I am exploring the capabilities of Large Language Models and I am knee-deep into the optimization of my knowledge management and the automation of my home lab. But areas of interest change rapidly in my world and on a more general note, I am interested in the interface of the Digital Transformation and Sustainability. How do technological advancements hinder and how do they foster am better-futureβ„’? What impacts do new technologies have on human behavior, societal change and the environment? These are questions that I like to think about and that I aim to approach an answer to. My public and digital endeavors are grouped und the pseudonym kon.foo.

Why kon.foo?

kon.foo can mean many things and it’s up to the receiver to put a meaning to it in a specific context. This is a work-in-progress accumulation of the meanings that I have discovered so far:


The term kon is present in many languages As a prefix, a verb, a noun or whatever. For me, as a native German speaker, the first association is the Germanism of the Latin prefix con.

  1. Used in compounds to indicate a being or bringing together of several objects.
  2. Used in compounds to indicate the completeness, perfecting of any act, and thus gives intensity to the signification of the simple word.


foo along with its counterparts bar and baz form a set of variables, commonly used in code examples, documentation, and programming literature to represent abstract concepts without focusing on specific details. It is often utilized when the actual name is either unimportant or intended to remain generic.

kon foo

Building upon these definitions, kon.foo might be understood as a platform that brings together more or less abstract concepts, connected in a non-hierarchical manner through a knowledge graph. The foo part might also be understood as a placeholder for all the different kinds of subjects present on this website.


The inclined reader might also think of Confucius when encountering kon.foo. Even though I am not at all familiar with this Chinese philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period, a scholar whose works has transcended the millennia must have something to it. So kon.foo can also be understood as a platform that gives my thoughts and ideas a home and preserves them, maybe not for 2.5k years, but at least longer than for the average lifetime of my scribbles or my memory.


In the ears if a German speaker, kon.foos might also sound like konfus.

without clear, comprehensible thoughts, disorganised, confused (πŸ€” same origin!)

I hope this is not something a reader might think when reading an individual article, however, the seemingly random collection of topics and subjects as well as the non-linear organisation in a knowledge graph might seem disorganised at a first glance and can certainly be confusing for our brains that are used to linear and hierarchical organisation of things.

konfoo panda