I collected all conversation starters that OpenAI suggest when you start a conversation with ChatGPT. At the time of writing, there are 58 of them. From creative ones:

Make up a story about Sharky, a tooth-brushing shark superhero. to more practical ones: Give me ideas for what to do with my kids’ art.

The most interesting finding was that OpenAI uses the following scheme for the conversation starters:

    "title": "Help me pick",
    "description": "an outfit that will look good on camera",
    "prompt": "I have a photoshoot tomorrow. Can you recommend me some colors and outfit options that will look good on camera?"

This differentiation between title/description and the prompt that is actually used to start the conversation is something I hoped to get for custom GPTs. This makes it possible to hide complex instructions from the user, while still giving them a good idea of what the conversation starter is about. An example:


Suggest some names for my cafe-by-day, bar-by-night business Actual prompt: Come up with 5 sophisticated names for my coffee shop that becomes a bar at night – like β€œThe Page Turner”. Include a short sentence explaining what it means!

You can find the complete list (date: 2023-12-18) here.

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