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When OpenAI announced custom GPTs and the Assistants API at the Dev Day 2023, I was immediately hooked. Since than, it has been an up and down from unfulfilled hopes to unexpected usefulness and back again. As it stands ~3 month later, I am using custom GPTs on an almost-daily basis, but only a few, selected ones and almost just the ones I created myself. IMHO custom GPTs are great for:

  • Unlimited custom instructions
  • Quick and easy natural language interfaces to your APIs
  • Games (a field that is far from being explored) The introduction of @ mentions opened up a whole new palette of use cases and altered the way I thought about GPTs. Instead of seeing them as self-contained systems, I now see them as elaborated functions that can be called whenever I need them. A good example is my ObsidianGPT. Its a simple GPT that can perform simple operations on my Obsidian vault via an API. With the @ mentions, I can have a conversations with vanilla ChatGPT or any other custom GPT and at the end invoke @ObsidianGPT to summarize the conversation, create a nice mermaid graph for it and append everything to my note XY. So much for my current stance on custom GPTs.

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